Finland calms down. Relaxes. Grounds.

By educating yourself about this beautiful country in the north of Europe, you will enjoy Finland even more and its uplifting effects on you will amplify. Did you know that Finland is part of the ancient continent Baltica and that its rocks are among the oldest in Europe? This and MUCH more you will learn in this brand new travel course. It's easily comprehensible and specifically made for travelers and vistors to Finland without prior geological or scientific knowledge.
Photo shows a unique road in Lakeland Finland, taken by Taneli Lahtinen

This is Finland

Distinct seasons. Stillness, nature, serenity. Silence, tranquility, peace. Fresh, crisp air. Breathing deeply. For the first time in a long while.

Finland is mesmerizing. Finland is miraculous and fantastic. 

Finland is cold and warm. Finland is darkness and light. Finland is winter and summer. It's spring and fall.

Finland is celebrating Christmas with Santa in Rovaniemi at the Polar Circle. Finland is the midnight sun at the summer solstice. Finland is gazing at the Northern Lights and swimming in crystal clear lakes. Finland is going to the sauna and gliding into ice holes.

Finland is old. So, so, so old. Older than your great great great great great ... great parents. It's that old. Billions of years old.

Finland is nature. Finland is wild. Finland feels like freedom and smells like purity. Finland sounds like happiness and tastes like joy. Finland soothes the eyes and the soul.

Finland is being alive. Finland is being human.

I want to tell you the story of Finland. The natural story. The geological story. The story of its formation. Its existance. Its nature.

I want to tell you about this beautiful, happy, quiet country in Northern Europe. 

Moi, minä olen Daniela. That's Finnish and means: Hello, I am Daniela. I'm a geologist and online course creator at EarthyUniversity, the world's only online course platform for travelers.

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What to expect

  • 01

    Moi / Hello!

    • Kiitos!

    • Geographical location

  • 02


    • The ancient continent Baltica

    • The age and type of Finland's rocks

    • Finland's landscapes

    • The ice ages

    • The Finnish Lakeland

    • The Baltic Sea

  • 03

    Climate & Natural Phenomena

    • The climate

    • The seasons & sunlight

    • Northern Lights (aurora borealis)

  • 04

    Moi Moi / Goodbye!

    • Kiitos!

  • 05


    • Useful Finnish words and phrases

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    Northern Lights (aurora borealis) in Ylläsjärvi, Finland, taken by Lucas Marcomini