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Hi, I'm Daniela!


I'm a geologist (B.Sc.) and the founder of EarthyUniversity. In this sneak peek course you're introduced to MENTOR EARTH. MENTOR EARTH is a program I created that combines geoscience with philosophy. The geological concepts presented in the course have profoundly changed the way I perceive the world and make decisions. Experience geology paired with a philosophical perspective that challenges you to think bigger.

What is the sneak peek?

The sneak peek gives you the opportunity to get insights into MENTOR EARTH for a very low price (even free, more info below). You have access to the first, second, and final video of the program as well as an exclusive trailer that exists only inside this sneak peek short course. By the end of this sneak peek, you'll know whether the full program is your cuppa.

What is the MENTOR EARTH program?

In the MENTOR EARTH program you learn about Earth's history, define your personal philosophy of life and are inspired to live in harmony with nature and with yourself.

The MENTOR EARTH program, in its essence, aims to inspire you to think bigger in order to tackle personal issues as well as contempary, societal challenges. 

You'll learn about the 4.56-billion-year-old history of Earth, its formation, its layers, supercontinents such as Pangea, extinction events, the origin of life, and the origin and meaning of deep time. You'll learn about Earth's position in the solar system and the universe. This gives you a life-changing perspective on your place in the universe, shifts priorities and inspires you to make better decisions for yourself, others and the planet. 

MENTOR EARTH gently guides you into defining your personal life values. It inspires you to live your life on your terms by shifting your priorities and perspective. You'll use my unique "CORE TO CRUST template" to structure your internal values-thoughts-emotions jumble, set value-protecting boundaries and effectively shield yourself from judgment by others. 

By the end, you'll have created your very own philosphy of life that you can come back to anytime you lost touch with your true self and need a reminder of your values.

By the end, you'll have created your very own philosphy of life that you can come back to anytime you lost touch with your true self and need a reminder of your values.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the SNEAK PEEK

    • Welcome to the SNEAK PEEK

  • 02


    • MENTOR EARTH: Welcome (video)

    • MENTOR EARTH: Earth as a Mentor (audio)

    • MENTOR EARTH: Beyond (audio)

  • 03


    • Get a glimpse into the program

  • 04


    • Your Next Steps + Coupon Code

    • Join the Inner Circle

What parts of MENTOR EARTH will I get a sneak peek at?

You have access to three full videos of the MENTOR EARTH program.

Video (1) Welcome: Introduces you to the course, its contents, structure, and your guide Daniela.

Video (2) Earth as a Mentor: Explains what geoscience is and why we can regard Earth as a mentor. 

Video (3) Beyond: Summarizes the key message of the entire course.

Additionally, you have access to an exclusive trailer that is only available inside this sneak peek. It gives a glimpse into the other parts of the course that are not included in the sneak peek.


  • Access for 7 days

    You have access to the sneak peek for only 7 days from the moment of purchase.

  • What's Included

    3 videos + 1 exclusive trailer for online streaming | Coupon code for complete MENTOR EARTH program | Audio files for each video for download | Transcripts for each video for download

FREE SNEAK PEEK if you purchase the full MENTOR EARTH program

You receive a coupon code with your sneak peek short course, and when you later decide you want to purchase the full MENTOR EARTH program, the course price will be reduced by the amount you paid for this sneak peek with the coupon code. This means the sneak peek is free if you later decide to purchase the full MENTOR EARTH program.
Total solar eclipse by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

How to sneak a peek

  • Click "Buy now" at the very top or bottom of this page.

  • Create your EarthyU account (requirement).

  • Pay the enrollment fee (requirement).

  • You have instant access to the sneak peek short course.


  • How long is the sneak peek short course?

    The "Welcome" video is about 11 minutes long. The "Earth as a Mentor" video (audio only) is about 5 minutes long. The "Beyond" video (audio only) is about 3 minutes long. The trailer is about 2 minutes long. Summed up, the video-/audio part of the sneak peek short course is 21 minutes long. Including the text to read it will take you about 30 minutes to complete the sneak peek.

  • Are the videos downloadable?

    No. They are available to stream inside EarthUniversity. The transcript and audio-only files are downloadable.

  • How long is the coupon code valid?

    The coupon code does not expire. However, remember that you have access to the sneak peek for only 7 days.