Your interest in Hawai'i has the power to transform your vacation completely, supports the life of Hawaiian residents, the health of Hawaiian nature and the richness of Hawaiian traditions

Become a respectful, socially conscious traveler

Be a respectful, socially conscious traveler

Tourism is both great and terrible for Hawai'i. Hawaiian culture, language and traditions are threatened, and residents have to face high costs of living, overcrowded places and damages to the environment. It's imperative to me to share with you the essentials about Hawai'i so that you be a tourist that supports local communitites, the Hawaiian culture and takes care of Hawaiian environment. I want you to steer you away from the taking, consuming traveler mindset and help contribute to a thriving, healthy Hawai'i. These are the tourists Hawaiian residents are grateful for. Become one!

From Average to Outstanding

If you want to create the perfect vacation, it's not about choosing the perfect hotel, eating at the nicest restaurants, booking your seat at a Lūʻau and hitting the most beautiful beaches. There's another crucial factor that has the power to transform your vacation from being like any other to outstanding: knowledge (or insight) about Hawai'i.

Course Curriculum


  • 01

    Introductory Module

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    • A Personal Message for You

    • Introduction to Hawai'i: Geography & Islands Overview

  • 02

    Module 1: Geology

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    • Lesson 1: Basics

    • Lesson 2: Big Island

    • Lesson 3: Kaua'i

    • Lesson 4: Maui

    • Lesson 5: O'ahu

    • Lesson 6: Lāna’i

    • Lesson 7: Moloka'i

  • 03

    Module 2: Nature

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    • Lesson 1: Climate

    • Lesson 2: Flora

    • Lesson 3: Fauna

  • 04

    Module 3: Hawaiian Life

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    • Lesson 1: Mythology & Religion

    • Lesson 2: Culture

  • 05

    Module 4: History

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    • Lesson 1: Discovery & Settlement

    • Lesson 2: Monarchy & Republic

    • Lesson 3: Annexation

    • Lesson 4: What Came With the Settlers

  • 06

    Module 5: Language

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    • Lesson 1: Description, Origin & Status

    • Lesson 2: Important Words and Phrases

    • Lesson 3: Short Dictionary

  • 07

    Bonusses & Resources

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    • Bonus Mahalo Video

    • Please Tell Me About Your Experience!

    • Resources

    • Bonus #1: Your Guide to Hawaii Paradise

    • Bonus #2: Vacation Planner for Finances

Introductory Module

  • Welcome Video: I'm giving you a very warm welcome to this class, tell you why taking this class is a great idea and what's not covered in this class. I'll also present you the structure and set the frame of the online class.

  • Introduction to Hawai'i: Geography & Islands Overview: You'll get a great introduction to the Islands which will give you a lot of clarity and structure to further plan your vacation.

  • Learn where the Hawaiian Islands are located and how large the Hawaiian Archipelago actually is.

  • and more

Module 1: Geology

  • We'll set the basic knowledge that will help you understand the entire Geology module better

  • You'll learn about the building processes of each of the six major islands: Kaua'i, O'ahu, Maui, Lāna'i, Molokai and Big Island (all islands separately)

  • You'll get to know all volcanoes that formed each of the islands

  • You'll learn about the major geological structures of each island (Ko'olau and Wai'anae Mountain Range, all volcanic regions, Kalaupapa, windward & leeward sides, and others)

  • You'll understand the processes that caused the formation of the most spectacular landscapes, such as Haleakalā, Kīlauea, Green Sands Beach and other beaches, Diamond Head, the sea cliffs of Moloka'i, the Mo'Omomi Dunes, and many others

  • and more

Module 2: Nature

  • You'll understand how plants and animals came to Hawai'i and how plants were able to grow in early Hawai'i

  • You'll learn about Hawai'i's fascinating multi-facetted climate and why you should pack warm clothing as well

  • You'll understand why Hawaiian plants and animals are so special and unique and what threats they have to face daily

  • You'll get to know endangered and endemic Hawaiian plants

  • You'll learn why coral reefs are threatened and why they are important for the health of our planet

  • You'll learn about Hawaiian animals (native and indigenous) and learn why sharks are our friends and not our enemies

  • You'll learn how you can help to protect Hawai'i's rich wildlife and plants

  • You'll learn why it rains so much in Hawai'i and why all islands can be separated into a windward and a leeward side

  • and more

Module 3: Hawaiian Life

  • You'll learn about the history and meaning of Hawaiian hula dance and lei works

  • You'll learn about Hawaiian staple foods such as taro

  • You'll learn the meaning behind and origin of Lūʻaus

  • You'll get easy to remember information about the most important gods & goddesses of Hawaiian religion

  • You'll learn about the meaning of places of refuge, such as Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau on the Big Island

  • You'll learn about the ancient Hawaiian kapu system

  • and more

Module 4: History

  • You'll learn when and by whom the islands were discovered...

  • Hawai'i's history developed from then on...

  • ... and what effects the initial discovery has been having on the islands.

  • You'll learn about the dark and sad history of Hawai'i, the loss of culture and the death of Hawaiians upon the arrival of missionaries

  • You'll learn which popular crops were introduced

  • You'll learn about the origins and success of the pineapple industry

  • and more

Module 5: Language

  • You'll learn about the origins of the Hawaiian language

  • You'll learn why the Hawaiian language is critically endangered and what you as a visitor can do to support the revival of the Hawaiian language

  • You'll understand why the Hawaiian language sounds so soft and pleasant

  • You'll know how many letters the Hawaiian alphabet has and get to know the special letters and symbols

  • You'll learn the meaning of some of the most common Hawaiian words

  • You'll learn how to pronounce some Hawaiian words and phrases which will be useful during your Hawai'i stay

  • and more

Bonus Module

  • Here you can find the resources referred to in the lessons and additional resources I want to share with you

  • I created a special bonus video that puts your Hawai'i visit into a philantrophic perspective and that highlights your unique human presence above all else (it's not as spiritual as it sounds ;))

  • You bonusses are safely stored in this section and can be downloaded to your computer

Bonus Material

  • Your Guide to Hawai'i Paradise

    It's an 18-page PDF document with more than 130 tips, links and information on each of the 6 largest Hawaiian Islands that guides you towards the really important and worthy-to-watch attractions and sights. It includes a list of all towns, beaches, points of interest and cultural highlights for each island. This should help you to structure the islands better in your head and to prevent overwhelm.

  • Vacation Planner for Finances Excel Sheet

    It helps you set up a budget and a savings plan and allows you to list all your expenses for maximum financial control. It tells you the exact amount available for your vacation and allows you to track your finances. Each day, it will give you freedom to decide what you want and can afford to do. It gives you freedom, carefreeness and saves you worries and stress about money, before, during and after your vacation.

Why you should enroll for this class

  • Knowledge = Better Decisions

    You'll gain knowledge about Hawai'i that you can apply when you're there and that you'll have after you've returned home. Knowledge about our environment is extremely valuable, especially in today's world, where climate change, the pollution of oceans and air and other threats are a danger to all life. Knowledge and education has the power to fight these hazards and to create sustainability. Educated minds & those who see themselves as part of a collective make healthier, better decisions for everyone else.

  • Authenticity

    This class gives you the opportunity to turn your back on superficiality, to disconnect from technology and enables you to reconnect with nature, to breath and to feel relief.

  • Feel Happy & Connected

    You'll feel less stressed when preparing for Hawai'i - and when in Hawai'i, you'll feel as happy and content as you haven't in a long time, as you'll feel a strong connection to the islands and the Hawaiians.

  • Clarity Instead of Confusion

    The numerous Hawaiian Islands, their names and the language can be incredibly confusing at first. This class gives you a thorough overview and structure, in-depth and condensed information about the Hawaiian Islands you won't find anywhere else.

  • Save Money, Time & Regrets

    You'll figure out what islands you’ll want to visit and where on those islands you’re going to be spending your time. You won't spend money and time on things you later regret.

  • Quick Facts

    6 modules | 22 videos | 4 hours of footage |11 minutes average video duration (some videos are longer, other shorter than this)

  • What's Included

    All modules and lesson for online watching | 1 year access | Bonusses for permanent download | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Bonusses

    You'll receive two other bonusses included in the price: 'Your Guide to Hawai'i Paradise' and the 'Vacation Planner for Finances Excel Sheet'

How to Enroll

Complete Transparency

  • After clicking the 'Buy now' button, you'll first be asked to create an account at EarthyUniversity. This is a requirement, as the course content will be delivered to you on this platform.

  • Subsequently, you'll be asked to enter your payment details. Shortly after, you will have complete access to the full class.

  • Enrolling is easy, uncomplicated, completely transparent and fast.

Is this course suitable for you?

  • This course is for you if you

    like to get to know your travel destination in a little more detail| travel to make new experiences | want to expand your horizons | like to learn new things | love beautiful landscapes and wish to understand how they formed | want to immerse yourself in foreign cultures | love to get to know people from other parts of the world |want to feel free | long for closeness to nature | seek a very authentic travel experience | have at least a very basic interest for culture, languages, nature, geography and geology or if you are keen to learn about those topics

  • This course is not for you if you

    only want to take photos without the slightest interest in your subject | merely want to be a tourist | only want to hang out at the beach, go shopping or party | simply want to relax | don't even have a faint interest in the topics covered in this class and if you also aren't open to learning about them

At the risk of sounding grandiose...

...but I want to make this very clear: This class is one of a kind. There exists no single other Hawai'i resource like it anywhere. It's a unique format that contains a lot of in-depth information about topics that require some level of expertise (especially the entire geology and nature chapters) that is not as easy to access elswhere. These insights have the power to transform your vacation - and if you let it your life - for the better. In only a few hours you will learn all the essentials about Hawai'i. The best part: By taking this class, you will protect the culture, preserve the ecosystem, nature and wildlife of your travel destination. You won't only learn to tolerate, but to accept, appreciate and adapt to your the Hawaiian community on a deep level. You will contribute to sustainable travel and an understanding of our planet and all inhabitants. Only by acquiring knowledge you will make this world a better place for humans, plants and animals. You will see the bigger picture, travel and live more consciously and feel connected.

See what others say


Moritz Esser

“After finishing this class I can say I am very well informed and inspired to experience Hawaii for myself. The module structure and the content in it are, in my opinion, perfect . Especially if you are most interested in the Hawaiian nature and t...”

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“After finishing this class I can say I am very well informed and inspired to experience Hawaii for myself. The module structure and the content in it are, in my opinion, perfect . Especially if you are most interested in the Hawaiian nature and the geology of the islands. In the module "Geology" you get an excellent overview of how the formation of the islands evolved and how they differentiate from each other. This content particularly is not easy to find in regular Hawaii traveler guides etc. and is also not easy to understand. So I really appreciate that in this class I was able to understand the basic mechanisms behind island building formations and also get to know what the difference in lava and magma is. In the module "Nature" you will here about the climate on the different islands and about the animals and plants that are special in Hawaii. I especially liked the explanations about how it was possible for plants and animals to get to the islands and how they were able to live on a, at the beginning, only rocky island with no soil. In generell, I found every module very well thought out and every module was filled with the right amount of content. I found it also very pleasant to hear and the see the information at the same time, also because Daniela has a very soft and lovely voice. :) Overall I am very statisfied by taking this class and I am even more excited now to book my trip to Hawaii.”

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is my 'no risk promise' to you.

I offer you a 14-day refund period for your purchase, in case you are not entirely satisfied with the 'Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Class'. I will refund 100% of the price if you contact me within 14 days after enrollment.
Kauai Wailua Falls

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Hey, I'm Daniela!


I'm fascinated by our precious earth. That is why I now study Earth Sciences. And I am loving it! My other interests include languages, culture, sciences and psychology! To combine all of these, I started my website EarthyMe and my passion project EarthyUniversity. The latter is a platform on which I will share my knowledge and my passion about selected travel destinations with you in the form of video online classes. I want to help you have an incredible, memorable adventure by showing you your travel destination in a new light and perhaps even making you aware of landscapes, facts or other highlights you'd be oblivious of. I hope to contribute to more respectful and sustainable travels, to protect our diverse human cultures, our plants, our animals - in short: our living and breathing planet. Oh and: I'm deeply fascinated by Hawai'i! A few years ago I made my dream come true. I travelled to Hawai'i and stayed there for 4 amazing weeks. I hope to inspire you with my work and hope you come along! You can read more about me on the 'About Me' page of my website Love, Daniela

Daniela Dägele


  • I don't have time for this.

    I understand that you are very busy. That is the exact reason why you should purchase this class. It SAVES you time. It is possible to finish the online class within one day. Plus, the course adapts to YOUR schedule, not vice versa.

  • Ugh, that sounds like a lot of information. I am scared of being overwhelmed.

    The class is not intended to cause you even more stress and pressure. The opposite is true: Your preparation for Hawai'i is supposed to get easier and lighter. Instead of reading 4587 websites and travel guides and clicking through the internet in search of valuable information about Hawai'i, this online platform is your place of refuge, so to speak. All the essential knowledge is safely stored in one place. No worries: the class is well structured and the lessons are maximally 25 minutes long. Average video duration is 11 minutes. Plus: You can go at your own pace. Always! You can take as long as you want and need. There is no need to feel hurried, stressed or overwhelmed.

  • Why is it priced 119$? It's expensive.

    This course is an investment in your life, the health of our planet, nature, sustainability and the preservation of cultures and endangered organisms. When you travel, you grow richer. When you study, you grow richer. When you educate yourself, you and the world become richer. You'll become a rolemodel to your friends, kids, family and society. The experiences you make and the knowledge and wisdom you'll aquire about yourself, the world and life, are priceless. This class enables you to see the bigger picture, to travel deeper and more intensely. This is invaluable. Besides, the price is an incredible value for the depth of information offered. You won't find condensed, well-explained and well-researched information & knowdlege about Hawai'i, like you get in this course, anywhere in the world. There's a lot of heart, blood and sweat that went into the creation of this unique course. Especially the geology and nature parts require expertise to be explained correctly and would take you hours and hours to research on your own. You can also opt for a reduced course, these are available from 49$.

  • Do I really need this online class? There is tons of information on the internet and in thousands of travel guides.

    I couldn't agree more! The internet is packed with information. But information does not equal knowledge. Only when you use the information, you can turn it into knowledge. If you have the time and will to educate yourself by using other media, that is fantastic! However, you can't search for something on the internet you don't know exists. But if you'd love to have all the information handed to you in a compact format, this class is perfect for you. And please be aware: This class is not a digitized travel guide.

  • I read a Hawai'i Travel Guide. Do I need this class?

    This class and your travel guide go together like peanutbutter and jelly! This class is by no means a travel guide. This class is NOT about activities you can do in Hawai'i, restaurants you may visit, accommodation, rental cars or travel routes. Although I do share some tips regarding this in the bonus "Your Guide to Hawai'i Paradise". Travel guides are about YOUR Hawai'i stay. But this class is about the ISLANDS. You will learn about their geographical location, their geological features, the nature, culture, history and language of Hawai'i.

  • Is this class downloadable?

    No, I'm afraid it isn't.

  • I only want to see some of the modules. Is that possible?

    Yes, there are reduced classes available. It is possible to only watch modules 1 and modules 1+2 if you're only interested in the geology and nature of Hawai'i. In that case, don't purchase the full version, but go to the homepage and choose either of the reduced classes. The videos in these reduced classes are exactly the same for each module.

  • I won't travel to Hawai'i until after a few months. Can I already book the course? I'm afraid I'm going to forget everything.

    Of course you can! You have access to the class for one whole year. You can start whenever you are ready.

  • I only visit 1 or 2 islands. Will the course still be useful?

    Absolutely, yes! The class contains plenty of information applicable to each island, such as culture, langauge, nature, history and mythology. Only the first two modules, which are about the geography and geology, are island specific.

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EarthyMe & EarthyUniversity support the Turtle Foundation and Greenpeace with regular donations. When you invest in your vacation by purchasing a course from this platform, you'll automatically help these organisations and contribute to creating a safer and healthier planet.
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EarthyUniversity students believe that our happiness and meaning of life as humans lies in connection. Connection to ourselves, to nature, to other humans, to communities. We believe that travelling gives us the space and freedom to get to know ourselves better, to deepen our relationship with others and with nature, to learn to tolerate, even embrace, differences, and to explore and appreciate our world truly. To see the bigger picture and to understand that everything is connected. Connection gained through knowledge empowers us to make better decisions for ourselves and others.
View of Hanakapiai Beach, Napali Coast on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii