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Hi, I'm Daniela!

I'm a geologist and I happen to ADORE Hawai'i. What a great combination, since Hawai'i is a geologist's paradise. Let me introduce you to these islands in a structured, curated video course that is heavily focussed on the geological story of the Hawaiian Islands.

At a glance

  • Quick Facts

    3 videos | ca. 1 hour of footage

  • What's Included

    All videos for online streaming

  • No prior knowledge required

    You don't need a science degree or any prior geological education.

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    After your free trial you have the opportunity to upgrade to the full premium course which includes numerous additional video lessons and bonus benefits (incl. your chance to ask questions).

3 videos

  • 1st video: Welcome & introduction to the premium online course about Hawai'i (9 minutes)

  • 2nd video: Hawai'i's geographical location + overview of the 8 main Hawaiian Islands (11 minutes)

  • 3rd video: Basic geology of the Hawaiian Islands (35 minutes)

Questions answered in this free trial

Introduction / Geography

  • Where are the Hawaiian Islands located?
  • How large is the Hawaiian Island chain?
  • What are the names, nicknames, shapes and areas of each of the 8 main islands?

The Geological Story of the Hawaiian Islands (module 1)

  • How were the Hawaiian Islands created?
  • What is a volcanic hot spot?
  • What is a mantle plume?
  • What is the Hawaiian moat?
  • What is an atoll?
  • How will the Hawaiian Islands develop in the future? 
  • What is lithosphere and asthenosphere?
  • What types of lava exist in Hawai'i?
  • What is basalt? 
  • How old is the Hawaiian Island chain and each of the main islands?
  • What are shield volcanoes? How are they characterized?
  • How was each of the 6 main Hawaiian Islands formed?
  • Why are there black sand / cream-colored / white / red / green sand beaches?
  • What natural force is predominantly shaping Hawai'i?

After this class

  • You'll be able to pinpoint the Hawaiian Islands on a map

  • You'll be able to name the 8 main Hawaiian Islands and their nicknames

  • You'll be able to reconstruct the formation of the Hawaiian Emperor Volcanic Chain and their hot spot origin

  • You'll grasp how large the Hawaiian Island chain truly is

  • You'll be able to distinguish the two main types of basalt lava in Hawai'i

  • You'll be able to identify basalt lava in real life

  • You'll be able to predict the geological future development of the Hawaiian Islands

  • You're well prepared and equipped with basic geological knowledge to embark on a real-life adventure in Hawai'i

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    It's easy! (1) Click the "Start free trial" button. You'll be forwarded to the checkout page for the premium online course about Hawai'i: Hawaiian Islands: Island & Landscape Formation and Nature. Here you can sign up for the free trial. (2) Create an account for Earthy University, no payment details required. You'll be enrolled for the free trial videos of the premium online course about Hawai'i (see next question). That's all!

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    No catch, it's completely free and to achieve the above mentioned results you don't need to pay anything. BUT: These free 3 videos are part of the premium online course 'Hawaiian Islands: Island & Landscape Formation and Nature'. You may upgrade to the full course version later for maximum benefits.

Get instant access to 3 videos about Hawai'i:

No hidden costs and no payment details required.