From Average to Outstanding

If you want to create the perfect vacation, it's not about choosing the perfect hotel, eating at the nicest restaurants, engaging in exciting activities and hitting the most beautiful beaches. There's another crucial factor that has the power to transform your vacation from being like any other to outstanding: knowledge (or insight) about your destination.

Can you relate?

  • You're the kind of person who likes to get to know their travel destination a little more in detail rather than superficially

  • Your focus is on exploring, instead of only hanging out at the beach

  • You want to understand how your favorite landscapes formed

  • You're interested in volcanoes, climate, animals, plants, culture & language and how the Hawaiian Islands formed

  • You want to experience a truly unforgettable, memorable vacation instead of one that was just 'good'

In this webinar

  • Learn about Hawai'i's exact geographical location and area

  • Get an overview of all the islands and their most important cities and towns and their locations

  • Get an overview of all the top sights and their location on each island

  • Learn why having great insight into Hawai'i transforms your experience completely

  • Gain clarity and structure to further plan your vacation

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Become Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself.

Knowledge empowers.

EarthyUniversity students believe that our happiness and meaning of life as humans lies in connection. Connection to ourselves, to nature, to other humans, to communities. We believe that travelling gives us the space and freedom to get to know ourselves better, to deepen our relationship with others and with nature, to learn to tolerate, even embrace, differences, and to explore and appreciate our world truly. To see the bigger picture and to understand that everything is connected. Connection gained through knowledge empowers us to make better decisions for ourselves and others.
View of Hanakapiai Beach, Napali Coast on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii