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In this podcast we'll chat about all things nature and Earth Science, as it relates to travel destinations and the processes of our planet as a whole.

Topics covered include:
  • The formation of iconic landscapes and geological highlights all around the world
  • The geological history of Earth
  • The workings of climate and weather of specific regions and their influence on our ecosystems
  • Geography basics
  • Earth's ecosystems, climate zones, seasons, time zones
  • And lots more :-)

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EarthyUniversity is the place for all those curious about the world. Here you'll find videos about the formation of landscapes, Earth and ' The Science of Travel Podcast'. EarthyU is all about feeling the insignificance of human existance, about the dominance of natural processes, about reconnecting with nature by gaining knowledge, and, last but not least, to be endlessly fascinated and inspired by this beatiful planet we live on. As a result, we'll be making better decisions for nature, ourselves and others, wherever we are in the world: at home or travelling.