Tired from tedious reading and researching for a trip?

I've got you covered!

There's so much information about your destination out there? It's hard to get your head wrapped around it all? I'll do it for you! I'll answer your geology or geography question(s) to the best of my ability. I can take 3 inquiries per month.

Work With Me If

  • You want to learn more about your travel destination, but you can't wrap your head around all the information available

  • You want to know something particular about a landscape or country and are searching for a source you can rely on

  • Your travel guide isn't thorough enough and doesn't answer all your questions

  • You want well-researched facts and easy-to-understand explanations about Earth, nature, a particular landscape etc. in a handy format

  • You have an individual request for a specific topic related to travel destinations, Earth & nature

What questions can you ask?

I specialize in Earth Sciences. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding geography, geology, nature, climate, environment, climate change etc.

  • Questions about a particular landscape (e.g its natural history, geology, formation, climate, ...) in your home or travel country

  • About the weather & climate in your travel destination

  • Any other questions about the nature of your home or travel country that you can think of

  • Questions about Earth in general

What not to ask

  • I don't answer questions about travel itineraries, accommodation, car rentals, restaurants, beaches and other questions that are not related to Earth Sciences

  • Questions about planning in general won't be answered either

Don't know what to ask?

Get your destination's geology in a nutshell

  • No Problem! I'll prepare an in-a-nutshell presentation about the geology of your destination for you.

How it works

  • Ask any questions you have (but pay attention to the rules above)

  • Tell me in which format you'd like to receive your answers (audio, text)

  • After you submitted your question(s), I'll contact you to verify your request and to clarify all remaining questions to make sure I understood you correctly. I'll also make you an offer and tell you when your information is ready


I'm honest: I'd love to offer this service to you for free, but I can't. My dream is to make a living doing this work, and therefore I need to ask you to pay a fee for this service. The price for this highly individualized service varies and depends on the work load, amount of research required, depth of questions and answers and other factors. Please contact me with your questions and I'll be better able to give you a quote.

Disclaimer: By working with me as part of this service, you consent to the following: You do not own the information provided by this service. Rather, you own the PDF or audio file used to hand over the information to you and that you can keep forever. You pay for the time and expertise of the service provider (Daniela Dägele), not the exclusive rights for the information. The information provided as part of this service is owned by the service provider (Daniela Dägele). You may not distribute the information without citing my name and website and I can use the content and information provided to you for all other offers of my website (podcast, courses, blog articles, newsletters).