Hey there!

Contact me directly if you have any geology or geography questions about your travel destination and I'll answer your individual question(s). Since I still study and take care of my websites and my course, my time is limited: I can only take 5 inquires per month.

Work With Me If

  • You want to learn more about your travel destination

  • You want to know something particular about a landscape or country and are searching for a source you can rely on

  • Your travel guide isn't thorough enough and doesn't answer all your questions

  • You want well-researched facts and easy-to-understand explanations about Earth, nature, a particular landscape etc. in a handy format

  • You have an individual request for a specific topic related to travel destinations, Earth & nature

What questions can you ask?

I specialize in Earth Sciences. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding geography, geology, nature, climate, environment, climate change etc.

  • Questions about a particular landscape (e.g its formation, climate, wildlife,...) in your home or travel country

  • About the weather & climate in your travel destination

  • Any other questions about the nature of your home or travel country that you can think of

  • Questions about Earth in general

What not to ask

  • I don't answer questions about travel itineraries, accommodation, car rentals, restaurants, beaches and other questions that are not related to Earth Sciences.

  • Questions about planning in general won't be answered either

How it works & what you'll get

You may ask 1-2 questions. I limit the number of questions to ensure you get a thorough and well-researched reply - quality over quantity! :) After you submitted your question(s), I'll contact you to verify your request and to clarify all remaining questions, in order to make sure I understood you correctly. I'll also tell you when your information is ready. You'll receive your information as a 1-2 page PDF document.


Pay What You Want

The best part is: you can claim this service for free or pay a price you personally set. In other words: Pay what you want! After you've received your PDF, I'll send you my PayPal.Me link where you can enter the exact amount you think my service is worth.

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