EarthyU's fabulous online travel classes are created by me (Daniela), a soon-to-be Earth Scientist.

You'll be obsessed with them. You'll want to roll on the lawn of your backyard and shout WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

The online classes are centered around the building processes and formation of landscapes.

This includes information about the geological past, climate, wildlife and flora of the particular destination as well.

In short: You'll learn the story of your travel destination.

Simply learning about your desired destination will make you emotionally attached to it and your appreciation for your travel destination will skyrocket.

As a result, you'll make better decisions for the local community and nature - you won't pick that flower, buy the shark fin soup, step on coral, trample plants or feel a wrong sense of entitlement.*

You'll treat locals and nature with respect and appreciation.

In short: You'll become every destination's dream tourist.

You'll want to hug a barky old tree, you'll scare off your friends because you suddenly admire rock formations, let that pretty flower grow happily ever after, choose eco-friendly hotels and transportation and treat local nature and residents with greater respect.

In short: You'll WANT to preserve your travel destination.

To watch these classes no background in sciences is needed. The only requirement you have to bring to the table is true interest and curiosity for Earth, nature, the environment and life.

*Disclaimer: I'm not saying that your impact on nature will automatically be zero. I'm not promising you that when you take these classes you'll be a saint. You'll still contribute to carbon emissions. But I can promise you that your mindset and view of the world will change. And that is where it has to start. 

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