mālama (haw.): To take care of, tend to, care for, preserve, protect, beware, save.

Become a respectful, socially conscious Hawai'i traveler.

Care for Hawai'i from DAY 1!

Millions of people visit Hawai'i each year. Not enough tourists educate themselves about the place they're vacationing in. I want YOU to be one of those people who do learn about Hawai'i before they go. I want YOU to be one of those people who truly care about Hawai'i and who know the history of the people and the culture.

Course Structure

  • 01

    E komo mai!

    • E komo mai!

    • Join the Inner Circle

  • 02

    Module 1: Hawaiian Life

    • Lesson 1: Mythology & Religion

    • Lesson 2: Culture

  • 03

    Module 2: Hawaiian History

    • Lesson 1: Discovery & Settlement

    • Lesson 2: Monarchy & Republic

    • Lesson 3: Annexation

    • Lesson 4: What Came With the Settlers

  • 04

    Module 3: Hawaiian Language

    • Lesson 1: Description, Origin & Status

    • Lesson 2: Important Words and Phrases

    • Lesson 3: Short Dictionary

  • 05

    "Must Watch" Bonus Module

    • Bonus Video: How to MĀLAMA even more

  • 06

    Bonuses & Resources

    • Survey: How did you like this free class?

    • Sustainable Travel Checklist

    • How To Make Your Hawai'i Dream Come True (Financially)

    • Resources Vault

Questions answered in this free course


  • What does mālama mean?

Module 1: Hawaiian Life

Lesson 1: Mythology & Religion

  • What are the 15 most known Hawaiian gods & goddesses?
  • What does mana mean?
  • What is currently the most dominant religion in Hawai'i?

Lesson 2: Culture

  • What is the meaning of Mauna Kea to the Hawaiian people?
  • What is a place of refuge such as Pu'uhonua O Hōnaunau?
  • What is the kapu system?
  • What are Hawaiian fishponds and how do they work?
  • What is hula and where does it originate? What is the meaning behind it?
  • What is a lū’au?
  • What's the story of Hawaiian surfing? 
  • How are waves formed?
  • What other interesting customs are there in Hawai'i?

Module 2: Hawaiian History

Lesson 1: Discover & Settlement

  • How did humans find the Hawaiian Island, and who did?
  • Who is James Cook?
  • Who are "the settlers"?
  • Who is Kamehameha The Great?

Lesson 2: Monarchy & Republic

  • When was Hawai'i a monarchy (kingdom) and when did it turn into a republic, and why?
  • How many kings were there from the Kamehameha dynasty?
  • Who is David Kalākaua?

Lesson 3: Annexation

  • Why and when was Hawai'i annexed by the US?
  • When did Hawai'i become a US state?
  • What and where is the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument?

Lesson 4: What came with the settlers?

  • How did the population of native Hawaiians develop after the arrival of western foreigners?
  • Who is Father Damian?
  • What is sugarcane? Is it native to Hawai'i?
  • How and by whom was the pineapple industry established in Hawai'i and how was it able to thrive?
  • Where did the coconut come from?
  • What is taro?
  • Why is Hawaiian coffee exceptional?

Module 3: Hawaiian Language ('Ōlelo Hawai'i)

Lesson 1: Description, origin and status

  • Where does Hawaiian originate from?
  • Why does Hawaiian sound so soft and chant-like?
  • Why is the Hawaiian language critically endangered?

Lesson 2: Important words and phrases

  • What does mahalo mean?
  • What does 'ohana mean?
  • What does aloha mean?
  • What is the "Aloha Spirit Law"?
  • What is the Hawaiian State motto and what does it mean?

Lesson 3: Short Dictionary

Learn a few useful words and phrases that you can use during your Hawai'i stay.

Module 4: MUST WATCH

Includes a bonus surprise video for you. 

Module 1: Hawaiian Life

  • You'll be able to explain the history and meaning of Hawaiian hula dance and lei works

  • You'll be able to identify Hawaiian staple foods such as taro

  • You'll memorize the meaning behind and origin of lūʻaus

  • You'll be able to list the most important gods & goddesses of Hawaiian mythology

  • You'll be able to recite the meaning of places of refuge, such as Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau on the Big Island

  • You'll be able to describe the ancient Hawaiian kapu system

  • and more

Module 2: Hawaiian History

  • You'll be able to explain when and by whom the islands were discovered...

  • ...how Hawai'i's history developed from then on...

  • ... and what effects the initial discovery has been having on the islands.

  • You'll be able to recognize the dark, sad history of Hawai'i, the loss of culture and the death of Hawaiians upon the arrival of missionaries

  • You'll be able to name introduced popular crops

  • You'll be able to explain the origins and the success of the pineapple industry

  • and more

Module 3: Hawaiian Language

  • You'll be able to describe the origins of the Hawaiian language

  • You'll be able to assess the critically endangered state of the Hawaiian language and enabled to support the revival of the Hawaiian language as a visitor

  • You'll find out why the Hawaiian language sounds so soft and pleasant

  • You'll be able to recite all the letters of the Hawaiian alphabet and recognize the special letters and symbols

  • You'll be able to explain the meaning of some of the most common Hawaiian words

  • You'll be able to pronounce some Hawaiian words and phrases which will be useful during your Hawai'i stay

  • and more

"Must Watch" Bonus Module

  • You have the chance to leverage your unique Hawai'i visit with the bonus video "How to MĀLAMA even more" (Hint: It's not the perfect hotel or most pristine beach for your photo shooting!)

  • This might be the most imporant module of them all, as you'll realize that learning about Hawai'i is critical for a respectful and beautiful Hawai'i vacation

  • You'll be able to identify and escape the Superficiality Fallacy many tourists are trapped in and which leads to poor and average travel experiences

Resources & Bonuses

  • Here you can find the resources referred to in the lessons and additional resources I want to share with you

  • Your bonuses are safely stored in this section and can be downloaded to your computer

Your Bonuses

  • How To Make Your Hawai'i Dream Come True Financially

    In this PDF file I reveal to you my exact strategy on how I made my childhood dream of travelling to Hawai'i come true (when I was only 20 years old and didn't have a lot of money in the bank) and break it down to 5 simple steps which I call the D-R-E-A-M Framework.

  • Sustainable Travel Checklist

    A 1-page PDF document that enumerates plenty of easy ways to travel more sustainably. [Heads up: You can also download this document from my website www.earthyme.de]

  • Resources Vault

    The Resources Vault stores any additional links to websites, videos, blog articles and podcast episodes about Hawai'i that I have come across and find inspiring and useful.

Why You Should Enroll For This Class

  • Mālama

    Mālama means 'care for'. Show the world that you care for Hawai'i by taking advantage of this course.

  • Connect

    We live in a world where superficial is trendy. Truthfully, deep connection never happens on the surface. Connection is the only way we can form deeper relationships. We create connection by simply getting to know others and even destinations on a much deeper level.

  • Give Back

    As tourists, we are primed to consume. But does it make us feel truly great? Useful? Belonging? No. Giving back does. We can give back by simply showing genuine interest in the people and culture of Hawai'i.

  • Specifics

    3 modules | 11 videos | 85 minutes of footage |8 minutes average video duration | Language: English | Subtitles: English

  • What's Included

    All modules and lesson for online watching | unlimited access | bonusses for permanent download

  • It's free

    You'll receive all of this for free. No hidden costs. Promise.

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This is what EarthyU students say about this course

Jen C.

5 star rating

“The narrator has a soothing and lovely voice and keeps the lessons interesting and moving along. Very good information. I'm learning a lot.”

“The narrator has a soothing and lovely voice and keeps the lessons interesting and moving along. Very good information. I'm learning a lot.”

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Is this course suitable for you?

  • This course is for you if you

    like to get to know Hawai'i and its culture, history and language | want to give back to the local community | want to immerse yourself in this foreign, exotic culture | want to feel connected and free simultaneously | seek a very authentic travel experience | are interest in beginning to traveling more sustainably | want to make the world a little bit better

  • This course is not for you if you

    don't want to be a responsible tourist that gives back | are not at all interested in and curious about Hawaiian culture, history and language | merely want to be a tourist | only want to hang out at the beach, go shopping or partying | simply want to relax (that's fine too) | aren't interested in traveling more consciously at all

Meet your instructor

Daniela wants you to have a meaningful, grounding and memorable travel experience where you connect with your travel destination and its nature deeply. She is convinced that by learning about your travel destination you will achieve this. In her classes she explains fundamental geological processes that shape landscapes and combines these insights with philosophical and philanthropical views. She holds two bachelor's degrees in geosciences (B.Sc.) and business administration/tourism (B.A.). She is the owner and founder of EarthyMe, EarthyUniversity and the Science of Travel blog and podcast.

Daniela Dägele

B.Sc. Geosciences


  • Sounds amazing. I really wish I had time for this...

    I understand that you are very busy. That is the exact reason why you should enroll for this free class. It *saves* you time. It is possible to finish the online class within one day. Plus, the course adapts to *our* schedule, not vice versa.

  • Wow, that sounds like a lot of information. I am scared of being overwhelmed (and I'm already overwhelmed from planning!)

    The class is not intended to cause you even more stress and pressure. The opposite is true: Your preparation for Hawai'i is supposed to get easier and lighter. Instead of reading 4587 websites and travel guides and clicking through the internet in search of valuable information about Hawai'i, this online platform is your place of refuge, so to speak. All the essential knowledge is safely stored in one place. Plus, you will find out what aspect of Hawaiian culture you're most passionate about so that during your vacation you can focus your attention on precisely those topics - you'll save money and time.

  • Is this class downloadable?

    No, I'm afraid it isn't.

  • Is it really free?

    Sounds too good to be true you think? It's true!

  • Is there a time limit to my access?

    No, you have access to this free course forever.

  • Are there transcriptions available?

    No, not at this time. English subtitles are available.

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EarthyUniversity students believe that our happiness and meaning of life as humans lies in connection. Connection to ourselves, to nature, to other humans, to communities. We believe that travelling gives us the space and freedom to get to know ourselves better, to deepen our relationship with others and with nature, to learn to tolerate, even embrace, differences, and to explore and appreciate our world truly. To see the bigger picture and to understand that everything is connected. Connection gained through knowledge empowers us to make better decisions for ourselves and others.
View of Hanakapiai Beach, Napali Coast on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii