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Hi, I'm Daniela!


I'm a geologist (B.Sc.) and the founder of EarthyUniversity. In this course you're introduced to the concepts of geology that have profoundly changed the way I perceive the world and make decisions. Experience geology paired with a philosophical perspective that challenges you to think bigger. By the end of this course, you'll walk away feeling more grounded and with a clearer vision of what is important in your life.

Live in harmony with nature + Earth


You'll learn about the 4.56-billion-year-old history of Earth, its layers, supercontinents and the origin of life. This gives you a life-changing perspective on your place in the universe, shifts priorities and inspires you to make better decisions for yourself, others and the planet.

Live life true to yourself


This course shows you why you should live your life on your terms by shifting your priorities and perspective. You'll use my unique "CORE TO CRUST template" to structure your values-thoughts-emotions jumble, set value-protecting boundaries and effectively shield yourself from judgment by others. By the end, you'll have built your very own "PLANET EARTH model" that you can come back to anytime you lost touch with your true self and need a reminder of your values. Curious? :)
Spiral Jetty, United States, photographed by Greg Rakozy, used on the landing page for the online course MENTOR EARTH at Earthy University


This course is currently in the making. After you enrolled, you won't be able to access the official course content. 

Instead, you'll be able watch a welcome video and download the course-exclusive bonus.

So why should you enroll for a course that doesn't exist yet? 

Here's why you should enroll now

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The course has 5 chapters.


  • Welcome :)
  • Earth as a mentor


  • Origin + Beginnings
  • Layers
  • Ocean + Atmosphere


  • From Core to Crust – The Layers Model
  • CORE TO CRUST template

Chapter 4: DEEP TIME

  • What is 'Deep Time'?
  • Earth's History: 4.56 Billion Years

Chapter 5: DEEP SPACE

  • Earth and the other planets
  • Our Galaxy, the Milky Way
  • Optional: Meditative Story

How to enroll

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  4. After you enroll you have access to the course dashboard where all future chapters will be uploaded.
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  6. The release of the final course content will happen soon!

You can expect nothing less but insights that have the power to transform your life and view of the world forever.

Course curriculum

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What you'll learn about Earth


  • The formation of the Earth and the moon

  • The structure and layers of the Earth

  • What the overview effect is and how you can experience a similar effect without going to space

  • The constellation of the continents and supercontinents like Pangea

  • Earth's location within the Milky Way

  • The Earth's eras and periods and the most important key events in all of Earth's history, including the origin of life, extinction events and the constellation of the continents

  • What deep time is and why it's geology's greatest contribution to the world

How you'll benefit (in the long run)


  • You'll feel encouraged and empowered to live a life consistent with your life values and to set healthy boundaries.

  • You'll be able to identify and name the core values (qualities, beliefs, and standards for behaviour) that are important to you and that you want to live by.

  • You'll feel safe, grounded, peaceful, human and free more often.

  • You'll have the courage to live your life on your terms.

  • You'll show superficiality the cold shoulder more frequently.

  • You'll comprehend that focusing your attention on something greater than your own life leads to profound feelings of serenity, happiness, and fulfillment by feeling a strong sense of connection and belonging.

  • You'll be better at coping with the fear of failure and perfectionism by regaining self-respect, feeling whole and perfect just the way you are by realizing you’re an integral, irreplaceable part of nature.

  • You'll gather the strength to escape the daily grind and the constant need to improve and enhance your life, the hectic and chaotic world, by summoning the courage to radically accept your situation and yourself.

  • You’ll comprehend that you need less to be happy and to be satisfied quicker.

  • You'll be able to reassess your priorities in life. You'll have the strength to disconnect from detrimental situations and people and stop being available 24/7 by reconnecting with nature in an unprecedented and unexpected way: by minimizing superficiality and leveraging meaning through scientific knowledge.

Is this course suitable for you?

  • This course is for you if you

    want to learn about the Earth's history | find a lot of strength and peace in nature | are purpose-driven, meaning you believe there is more to care about in life than your own well-being and that you want to make a difference in the world | sometimes feel trapped or that you're missing out on life | have a mind that wants to think big | are open to concepts of geology and open to learning about Earth

  • This course is not for you if you

    you want a quick fix | are a flat earther, creationist etc. | are not open to learning about scientific geological concepts and about Earth | are not open to philosophical perspectives


The price on this page and in the checkout is in EUR, but even if your currency is not EUR, you can buy this course from anywhere in the world. Your bank will exchange the currency for you. Service fees for currency exchange from your bank may apply and are not included in the advertised price.


  • Why is release date only in August?

    This is how long it takes for me to create this course. I'm the only person that works on this course, and I want to be extra thorough. I double, even triple check each information, make sure that the words are well chosen, the stories are catchy and the science is easy to understand, correct and up to date.

  • What does proto-course mean?

    The course title says “MENTOR EARTH – proto course”. What does that mean? Proto is Greek and means “first” or “earliest form”. A very young planet in its initial stages is called 'proto-planet'. This course also is in its initial stages, therefore it’s a proto-course. The course content isn’t available yet, as I’m in the middle of creating it. You have the opportunity to buy this course before it’s available for a very low price. Once the course is ready, the price will increase forever!

  • What's the regular price for this course?

    The early-bird price until July 31st 2022 is 50 € / 55 $. The price after release date on August 1st 2022 is 89 € / 97 $.

  • I don't want to sign up yet but receive updates about the course!

    Wonderful! Leave your contact details in the form at the bottom of this page. I'll be in touch with updates about this course!

  • Is this course trying to convince me to become a vegan/vegetarian/climate advocate?

    No. I don't indoctrinate and won't impose my opinion regarding lifestyle matters on you. However, since I’m a geoscientist, I am biased. I encourage sustainable, conscious, respectful living and making decisions in favor of Earth/nature. My goal is to deliver to you a broader understanding of our place in time and space – so that you’re able to ask new, better questions and to reassess your decision-making and your lifestyle. While I'm doing my best to deliberately built this course in a way that enables you to discover your life values on your terms, I can’t guarantee there won’t be any suggestions or provoking thoughts you don’t want to hear. Ultimately, I want you to make decisions according to values that you define yourself.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You have acces for 365 days.

  • How much of my time will this course consume?

    I can't tell you exactly yet, but I estimate no more than 4 hours in total.

  • Do I need prior geology knowledge to participate?

    Nope! All concepts will be easy to understand. This course does not involve difficult or complex geology, mathematics, physics or chemistry. However, I don't want to oversimplify this course. That's why there might be a few terms and jargon you haven't heard before, but these will be explained and you won't have problems to understand them in the context.

  • What is the bonus?

    The bonus is an exclusive podcast episode that'll only be available inside this course (and never anywhere else, promise). When you pre-enroll, you have access to this special episode before anyone else does.

Course-exclusive bonus

This private podcast episode is only available inside this course, and never anywhere else. It is instantly available, even before August 1st (when the full course is released).


This is my 'no risk promise' to you.

I want you to make a conscious, active decision when you purchase. If you did and still find this course is not your cup of tea, you can have your money back. I offer you a 14-day refund period for your purchase, in case you're truly dissatisfied with this class. I will refund 100% of the price if you contact me within 14 days after your purchase. (This is a voluntary guarantee from my side. I trust you to not misuse it.)
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