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The World's First Hawaii Travel Class

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    You have free instant access to the first two videos: the 'Welcome' video and the 'Introductory Module: Geography and Islands Overview'. These give you a good idea of what to expect and you'll also get a great overview of the Hawaiian Islands without paying and without entering your payment details.

  • Escape the Overwhelm

    This class gives you a thorough overview of and condensed information about the Hawaiian Islands you won't find anywhere else.

  • Save Money, Time & Regrets

    You'll figure out what islands you’ll want to visit and where on those islands you’re going to be spending your time. You won't spend money and time on things you later regret.

  • Experience Joy and Happiness

    You'll feel less stressed when preparing for Hawaii - and when in Hawaii, you'll feel as happy and content as you haven't in a long time.

  • Modules

    Hawaii's Geography | Geology (Formation & Volcanoes) | Nature | Culture | History | Language

  • What's Included

    All modules and lesson for online watching | 1 year access | Bonusses for permanent download | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Authenticity

    This class gives you the opportunity to turn your back on superficiality, to disconnect from technology and enables you to reconnect with nature, to breath and to feel relief.

  • Bonusses

    You'll receive two other bonusses included in the price: 'Your Guide to Hawaii Paradise' and the 'Vacation Planner for Finances Excel Sheet'

Hey, I'm Daniela!

I'm fascinated by our precious earth. That is why I now study Earth Sciences. And I am loving it! My other interests include languages, culture, sciences and psychology! To combine all of these, I started my website EarthyMe and my passion project EarthyUniversity. The latter is a platform on which I will share my knowledge and my passion about selected travel destinations with you in the form of video online classes. I want to help you have an incredible, memorable adventure by showing you your travel destination in a new light and perhaps even making you aware of landscapes, facts or other highlights you'd be oblivious of. I hope to contribute to more respectful and sustainable travels, to protect our diverse human cultures, our plants, our animals - in short: our living and breathing planet. Oh and: I'm deeply fascinated by Hawai'i! A few years ago I made my dream come true. I travelled to Hawai'i and stayed there for 4 amazing weeks. I hope to inspire you with my work and hope you come along! You can read more about me on the 'About Me' page of my website Love, Daniela

Daniela Dägele